Conquer the Trail - What Equipment Do I Really Need?

Leap sunglasses


If you have just entered the bike scene, you are probably starting from zero. You will soon stand in your local bike shop in front of shelves filled with accessories and equipment. When this happens, try to slow down your spending spree and to focus on the essentials. The basic equipment should not break your bank. Of course, later you will need a bike jacket, longer pants and a rain outfit. Luckily enough, the fun you are capable of having on the bike increases with your experience and not with the price of your equipment. Below you will learn about the most important items in terms of basic equipment. Later, you will be able to add many pieces to the basic necessities: an suitable backpack, wind and weather-resistant tops, tools and a pump, and so on. There is a large list of practical accessories at your disposal.


Keep your Gucci shades for your City trips. A good pair of athletic sunglasses should sit as closely as possible to your face in order to protect your eyes from the wind during the ride. Anyone who has seen injuries resulting from unseen objects or due to cheap materials will attest to the importance of selecting a good pair of sunglasses. We recommend unbreakable glasses with polycarbonate lenses and an anti-fog coating.

Leap sunglasses

SCOTT Leap Sunglasses

The new multi-functional sport shield of choice that fits your face like a glove. SCOTT Leap redefines the standards of comfort and performance, guaranteeing an unobstructed field of vision and the highest quality of materials.


We strongly recommend longfinger gloves. They offer the best grip and do a better job of protecting your hands while riding or in case of a fall. Sweaty hands easily slip from the handlebars, so it is better to have them covered. A gel pad under the lower part of your palm will also prevent numb hands.

SCOTT W's Contessa Pro LF Glove

Gloves Contessa Pro LF


A stiff Carbon sole will make sense only for competition-oriented riders. In all other cases, it is better to go for a comfortable model, even if it is slightly heavier than the expensive race shoe. Women’s specific cuts are really recommended, especially for women with narrow feet. The cleat is the connection to the clip-pedal and should be incorporated into the sole. Normally, there is also a solid cap to protect your toes. Therefore jogging shoes with extremely flexible soles are an absolutely no-go for biking. Remember to never buy shoes that are too tight, or that have a slippery sole.

ATR Lady Comp

SCOTT A.T.R. Lady Shoe

The SCOTT A.T.R Lady is the perfect shoe for your mountain riding adventures that has been adapted for a woman’s needs. It was made for overall durability to get you through anything while still light enough to help you when riding up. Also, the grippy sole provides extra traction when crossing rivers or hiking through sections that can’t be ridden. The BOA lacing system with a single strap provides a comfortable, performance fit, which is adapted to fit the natural female foot shape and the high class Vibram rubber outsole keeps you comfortable when off the bike.


Women’s specific cuts make sense especially for jerseys and bottoms. You definitely have to try the shorts or pants on before you buy them. Discomfort while sitting on your bike generally has nothing to do with your saddle. If the shorts tweak, makes pleats or just does not fit properly, you should look for another model. Avoid seams on the padding and keep in mind that the thickness of the padding says nothing about the comfort. A good padding is the icing on the cake of a bike short. Finally, the fewer the layers, the fewer the problems: so we advise to not wear panties under your riding shorts.

Shorts Sumita ls/fit 

Shorts W's SCOTT Sumita ls/fit

Your new favorite mountain bike shorts. Equipped with a non-fixed inner short with SCOTT’s ++ sport padding, the outside short has a great lifestyle look in a functional fabric that allows freedom of movement on all your favorite trails.


Here, breathability is a priority. A zipper will provide maximum ventilation, especially during long climbs. Prefer a tight fitting cut so that your shirt doesn’t flutter. In addition, you should protect the stomach and kidneys from the cold and the wind while riding. Pockets on the back or on the side are perfect.Shirt Sky Graphic s/sl 


Shirt W's SCOTT Sky Graphic s/sl

A soft and breathable short sleeve shirt great for all your mountain rides. With a center front zip for ventilation and 3 back pockets for storage this shirt can do it all, including make you look like a feminine powerhouse.


HelmetHelmet Groove II Contessa

A helmet only helps if it fits really well, is well ventilated and of course you if you like it. Try the helmet to be sure that the fit is right. Its size is defined by the size of your head. Don’t forget to look for the CE label.

SCOTT Groove II Contessa Helmet

The 260g Groove II is our all-round mountain bike helmet. This full in-molded helmet provides a great fit via our easy to use V-R.A.S fit system and removable visor shelters your face from the bright summer sun.


Backpack and hydration system

Contessa_Kathrin Schön

You should have a small backpack for your longer tours. Again, you should try the backpack on (if possible, while loaded) in the shop before you buy it. Having comfortable straps and a comfortable hip-belt, as well as a ventilation system at the back are the most important points. Whether you prefer a backpack with a hydration system is a matter of taste. Some would rather put a bottle in the bottle holder, others prefer to have the additional weight of the liquid directly integrated into the backpack (hydro pack).

Backpack Airstrike Light Contessa 

SCOTT AirStrike Light Contessa Backpack

The Airstrike Light Contessa is a women’s specific, compact pack with an integrated mesh-back system to guarantee optimal back ventilation while further featuring ergonomically formed straps, helmet carrier clip, and rain cover. It also addresses your hydration needs with a built in reservoir compartment and drink tube attachments on the shoulders.


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